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About Horse Creek Farm

Welcome to Horse Creek Farm

Welcome To Horse Creek Farm

Are you tired of sitting in a stand all week, not seeing nothing but a fawn? Do you want action and wildlife? We can offer that type of hunting. Horse Creek Farm is as good as you can get free-range hunting without being a high-fenced ranch. If you want to hunt the trophy buck, or would like to bowhunt some meat for the freezer, or the thrill of calling in a big ole gobbler, or kicking back and throwing fishing line in the lake and reeling in a bass. Horse Creek Farm is your alternative place to make a new hunting and fishing family.

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World-Class Tennessee Hunting Club

World-Class Tennessee Hunting Club

We are trying a little different approach to the hunt club idea and expanding it to those who lack time or desire for all the seasonal work, but yet want a quality and successful hunt without the time constraints and cost associated with the pay-per-hunt type clubs. Applications are now being taken and contracts set up for the 2018-2019 hunting season. We look forward to seeing you soon at our farm. You are invited to come previous our club and property. Please call to book a personal tour of the farm. Or, just ask me any questions you have. I am always happy to talk about our wildlife preserve.

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Land Management

Land Management

Deer Lake will be periodically fertilized and stocked. All the food plots have been professionally managed to accept access without pushing deer off the field or having to go by another field and disturb the population. The food plots are planted professionally as well as maintained by the landowner Steve Canfield. We do soil testing, spring, summer and fall planting of a selection of many forages to suit each food plot. We don’t just guess and till, throw some seed out. We have implemented and managing our fruit and nut tree planting. For example, select food plots have a variety of fruit and nut trees to spread the disbursement of food continually through the season, landscape and screening cover for blinds and funnel crossing points to allow cover for those finicky mature bucks to move around. Our food plots provide a variety of food sources such as ample clover fields to help food source in the spring to keep the animals here and keep them healthy.

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