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Horse Creek Farm - Tennessee Hunting Club

About Horse Creek Farms

Welcome to Horse Creek Farms - a Tennessee hunting club with over 22 years of trophy managed whitetail deer hunting and world-class turkey hunting. We are excited about the 2018-2019 season hunts which are upon us now. The hunting results here at Horse Creek Farm continue to improve as we continue to implement guidelines to improve our herd management. Our average doe size is up from 4-5 years ago substantially. Last seasons, bucks met our goals as the ages were 5.5 years old and were nicely score-able, trophy bucks. Our goal is to promote quality managed hunts to promote the future of trophy game on the farm. We have quality of wildlife now quality as well. If this is what you’re looking for you, you have come to the right site.

Trophy Deer Photos

The Hunting Lodge

The Hunting Lodge

At Horse Creek Farm, you will find our 2,800 square foot log cabin lodge with comfortable and clean accommodations. It has a gas fireplace, two bathrooms, laundry, complete kitchen area and sleeps over 10 people. Phone service and satellite TV are also available. We have just completed our new 11 sq. ft. gazebo and meeting area on the lake. “A place to get together, talk about the day’s hunt, have a bonfire, grill your favorite food, and enjoy the deer in the front pasture”.

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The Hunting Preserve

The Hunting Preserve

We own a large parcel of the hunting preserve and live here on the premises, as this provides the opportunity to work at improving the preserve 12 months of the year. This is not your part-time member-managed hunting club. Horse Creek Farm makes up over 1700+ acres of excellent wildlife habitat along with many of the adjoining landowners have large agricultural fields planted in beans, corn, wheat, etc., Some of our neighboring properties are trophy-managed as well. Our parent club and preserve makes up some of what may be the best deer and wildlife habitat around these parts of Tennessee. With 40+ locations; over 50+ acres of food plots, there is ample food and draws for the wildlife on Horse Creek Farm. Each year we make efforts to improve the wildlife habitat to ensure the future of our farm. This just offers better hunts and more enjoyment as time goes by. We offer 30+ (and counting) raised ScentLok shooting houses, 25+ ladder stands and lock-ons, and we’re suited for more hunters than we accept memberships for. However, at this time we are now accepting applications for a few new members for the 2018 season are still available.

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